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in the industry.

B2B Upskilling

Are you tired of trying to find the time and resources to continuously improve the skills of your team?

Discover the future with our full-remote Professional School! Our B2B Upskilling is the perfect way to prepare your employees and your company for the challenges of the digital world.

With our experienced coaches and wide range of courses in Web engineering, IT Business and Technology, your team will be equipped with the skills and knowledge it needs to succeed in today's competitive business environment.

Our Team

Our experienced expert coaches will do this for you. They share their knowledge and passion.




Head Coach


Project Management


IT Analyst


Data Science



We will customize the Upskilling of your Team

We tailor our bootcamps, masterclasses and academies curriculum and teaching approach to your team's current knowledge level and needs. With a wide range of courses to choose from, you can select the perfect offering for your team.


Knowledge relevance

loss in the first year!


IT skills for increasingly complex software.


without educated and trained developers!


of human capital for software engineering and IT.

The Problem

IT knowledge relevance is extremely short.

We are researching the importance of continuous upskilling, especially in the IT sector. In contrast to other industries, the knowledge relevant to the IT industry drops by 49,8% with only one year in the profession after graduating with a computer science degree.

DFWI will counteract this development! It is relevant to educate and improve yourself and your employees continously, just like the computer science industry does. Well-trained and educated developers contribute more value.

Stay relevant in the industry and join our Masterclasses!

B2B Professional School

Turn your teams into digital talents!

If you are looking for new IT talent in your company you've come to the right place. We up- and reskill your employees to keep up with the digital transformation. DFWI has the best coaches from the IT industry on hand to provide individual support for your internal up- and reskilling. Our B2B Professional School offers customized coaching for all companies.We make IT happen!

Contact us for an appointment and get to know us!

Our Strategy

Let us be your long-time companion to bring your team to expert level

MONTH 1 - 3

IT Bootcamp

Software: Web, Backend & App
Data & Analytics
Product Owner
IT Consulting
Agile Coach

MONTH 4 - 24


1st year: internal projects for company
2nd year: first billable hours on customer project
3rd year: gap year or role change



Small projects can be executed independently.
Start building expertise in personal major subject
1st coaching experience



Big projects can be executed independently.
Major performance driver and coach.
Expertise in personal major subject
Personally responsible for upskilling

YEAR 12+

Expert or Manager

Ability to lead a portfolio of high impact projects.
Proven coach & leadership kills
Renowned expertise in personal major subject (e.g. speaker)

Gather experience!

Avoid failure as a founder by gaining important knowledge from where it is readily available, before it's too late!

Take responsibility.

Avoid failure as a founder by gaining important knowledge from where it is readily available, before it's too late!

Get more freedom!

You´ll have more freedom to implement your ideas. Even if you lack professional experience, we will support your nose for creative solutions.

Enjoy variety.

Your role will be diverse, as you are not brought in as a specialist in a particular area, but rather gain extensive knowledge and then put it into practice.


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Up to 20 users

One masterclass track
Public Sessions

€ 55

per user per month

20- 50 users

Two masterclass tracks
Private Sessions
Digital Campus

€ 85

per user per month

51+ users

Masterclass tracks upon request
Private Sessions
Digital Campus
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A masterclass lasts 6 sessions of 90 minutes each.
In private sessions only students of the same company can attend.
In public sessions students from different companies can attend the same online live session. 
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