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Our Bootcamps

Take your IT skills to the next level!

IT Bootcamps consist of perfectly coordinated Masterclasses. Depending on the type of Bootcamp, the duration varies between 10-12 weeks. During this time, our participants learn the IT basics up to expert knowledge.

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Become an innovative Entrepreneur!

Our Startup Bootcamps are adjusted to support young entrepreneurs with innovative IT-related business ideas. Through our Bootcamp, we can create a scalable company out of innovative ideas.

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b2B Inhouse Academy

A new generation of tech employees!

We are experts in training the IT professionals of tomorrow. So why don´t extend the knowledge of your employees with us? Whether your company is interested in customized retraining or upskilling - we are here to make it happen.

The DFWI Professional School offers remote B2B programming and IT Bootcamps adapted to the latest knowledge. Contact us for an appointment with our team today, and let our passion inspire you!

KICKstart-in IT

Worldwide high-quality tech talents.

The world is facing the serious problem of IT labour and skills shortage. To solve this problem, we believe companies should think remotely! Our vision with this project is to give businesses a capable global workforce and provide young professionals with quality jobs. With worldwide partner companies, we will focus on coaching in Masterclasses and Bootcamps to create local and remote workspaces across the globe. Let's break the barriers of work!

The first IT-Bootcamp will start in January 2023 in Windhoek, Namibia. Contact us for a company partnership, or visit our website!

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